Percussionist and Bachelor of Philosophy Marcelo Pimentel started as a popular educator in the National
Movement of Street Boys and Girls; works for 30 years as a professional musician, having toured
countries in the American, African and European continents. Performed an unprecedented work with the
teenagers inmates of CASE (Socio-Educational Assistance Center) Projeto Banda Liberdade, This work
gained notoriety in the media, being highlighted in local and national newspapers. He also worked in the
Bombeiro Mirim project, where for 5 years he served hundreds of young people, with the proposal of
Pangeia Roda de Tambores. In 2016, he toured Argentina, Uruguay and Italy, accompanying Miguel
Angel Soto’s tango company, with percussion and sound effects works. Currently, Marcelo Pimentel is a
Social Educator at Rede Marista, directly serving 180 children and teenagers from the islands on the
outskirts of Porto Alegre, actively working in the coordination and execution of social projects with
children and adolescents in social vulnerability throughout the state and holding workshops in several civil
society environments such as: universities, associations, schools and institutions such as SESC, SESI.
He also acts as a professional musician in recordings, theatrical performances, festivals and concerts in
various musical styles and segments.