Juan Jose Heredia


From the age of 18 I began my professional career traveling to Mexico and United States with the dance company โ€œAdonaysโ€.

I had the experience of playing with the great Juan Gabriel, with the famous Emmanuel and other renowned artists from Mexico.

I participated with pop artists like Reik, who is a winner of the Latin Grammys.

In Spain I have had the experience of sharing in Flamenco tablados and in platforms with artists such as Capullo de Jerez, Juanares Carrasco, Rafita Jimenez, Antonio Jimenez, Angelica Leiva, among others.

In my family there are artists like Diego el Cigala, Rafael Farinas, Azucar Moreno, Chonchi Heredia among others.

Some theaters that I have had the experience of bringing music to are El Teatro Lunario, the Aldama Theater and the National Center for the Arts of Mexico.