Gilad, percussionist, composer and clinician, has been recognised by Jazziz Magazine as one of the world’s top percussionist.
“Gilad’s success as a performer with Israel’s world-class popular and classical musical ensembles prove him to be one of the most accomplished musicians Israel had produced” (Alon Bor, Principle Percussionist with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra).
As a composer, Gilad has written many tunes for different bands and projects. Mainly for his own ensambels:
– The trios:
* ON 3, co leading with Vinny Valentino on Guitar (check out their web site for live concert in Bogota, Colombia, or Gwayanquil, Ecuador…, they have toured the world few times. Supporting their 3 cd’s.
* TRIO DEL SOL with Freddie Bryant on guitar and Misha Piatagorsky on piano. Touring as well the world. supporting their CD on Twinz records.
* Freddie and Gilad duo, collaborate for many years. Performing around the globe and recording CD’s. Last year they perform their new music at a successful tour in West Africa and South East Asia.
* WILDFLOWER, Gilad’s own quintet, was formed as a world music/jazz band. His recording “spices” will be release and available in the near future. His compositions for this band are strives from the earthy flavours of life. Each tune represent a different spice/flavour from around the world.
– SOLO SHOW, an unique and exciting solo percussion show, where Gilad is demonstrating his musicianship and percussion innovative approach by playing his own compositions on only percussion instruments (melodic and percussive). This show is constantly in demand by music festivals around the world. The past few years, Gilad performed several time in many countries at the West and East part of Africa and the south east part of Asia. Gilad capture the audience with tunes constructed and ranged from the mass and large percussion setup to the intimate one instrument solo tune.